Stories from the Woods

A Podcast of Original Stories for Children of All Ages


Stories from the Woods is a podcast of original stories created by me and my family, for kids of varying ages. The podcast contains short stories and chapter stories. Each episode spans from 5 to 15 minutes - the perfect amount of time to listen before bed or while driving to and from activities. 

These fantasy stories range from children experiencing adventures in new worlds to talking animals. We hope you enjoy these stories as much as our family has enjoyed listening to and creating them. 

Podcast Origin

Stories from the Woods really began when I created and told an original story to my son, when he was probably 3, at bed time.  I continued to tell my son and daughter the same few stories every so often for several years.  The story telling grew as they asked for new stories when they were in their later elementary school years.  The story telling always happens at bedtime which created a special time with my children. I am now sharing the same stories that I told to them with a little bit of refinement to them.    

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